Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where should you keep your Golden Globes?

Today begins my favorite season: the Awards season and I’ve never been nominated, lol. Yes there have been a few other small time awards before today but a biggie is tonight: The Golden Globes (I love this holiday). Nobody does it like the Golden Globes. Its funny, I seem to always do something “career” related on this day as well. Last year I had my first ever reading, of the first ever play I wrote, on the morning of the Golden Globes (yes, I’m still working on it. Re-writes are freaking hard, man). And today was no different. I took a television comedy class with two casting directors (that deserves a whole other blog that I will write another day). I guess subconsciously, I feel like I need to keep trying to move my career ahead on the same day all the big names are out celebrating their successes.

You may wonder why I like the Golden Globes so much. Why would I enjoy watching beautiful stars wearing diamonds and pearls with full hair & makeup and designer sparkly dresses (and if you know me, you know I love me some sparkles!!) walking the red carpet, celebrating the roles they had the privilege to play, while I’m sitting on my couch in my best friends (that’s what my good friend Jean calls sweatpants, lol) with no paying role in sight?? For me, it’s a reminder that dreams do come true. Yes, its true, I don’t look like Angelina Jolie and I don’t have Jennifer Aniston’s body (don’t ask me if I’m team Aniston or Jolie, I flip flop on that, so I’ll just say I’m on team Pitt. Aren’t we all? Except he needs to shave that ferret from his face pronto. To be completely truthful I’m team Clooney all the way, always have been, always will be but I digress.) I’m not even a tiny bit close to being the actress that Meryl Streep is (hell, I prob shouldn’t even mention her name in the same paragraph while I’m talking about my career) but I truly believe that if you work hard, dream big, be prepared and never give up, it will happen!! (And yes I am aware that that paragraph has more than one extremely long run on sentence, its just how I roll, lol).

Anyway, the thing I love most about the Globes are the acceptance speeches because even though some of them are awkward or boring, a few of them are truly inspiring. I love, love, love the first time winners who never believed they could win something that big, who were told by numerous people in the industry or in their lives that they don’t have what it takes or they’ll never make it, but there they are, standing there in front of their peers, in front of the world with that award in their hand. It gives me hope. And it doesn’t matter what your dream is, or how old you are, or what someone else tells you about it, you can achieve it, if you don’t stop!! As long as it continues to be what you want, why would you give up before you get it? There’s a lyric I love in a Jason Robert Brown song that sums it all up “Who would give up what they want without a trial”. Anything worth having is worth working for!! Or as a wise man name Winston Churchill once put it "Never Never Never Give up" (I have that on a magnet and I don't look at it often enough).

Lastly, I have a small career update, I have written almost 4 pages out of about 20 of the One-Act I need to finish by the 30th. Guess I need to write a little more this week. Grrhh!

So Enjoy Dreaming Big and Making it Happen (I wanna be there to celebrate with you...I like the champagne)! And I don’t know how or when, but I’ll get there one day. I may be 94 years old and in a wheelchair, but I’ll get to the Globes. :)

Lots of Love!
-Roxy Strago

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Kelley Lynn said...

I love all the Awards shows too. We should have an Oscars party somewhere, for real!! The Globes were sort of boring this year thoug, although my idol Ricky Gervais was amazing, but overall, it was a snoozefest. There were, however, a few GREAT speeches. In no particular order, my favorite speeches were: Robert Downey Jrs "I have nobody to thank" speech was hysterical; Moniques speech was inspiring; Drew Barrymores speech was humble and very adorable; and Meryl Streep, of course, once again showed both class and humor in talking about her mother whom she lost this year. Her speech made me cry. I LOOOVE HER.