Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ahhh, Geneve

FALL TOUR BLOG: Geneva I figured I'd do some small blog updates from tour (when I can), so just to preface them, these won't be very profound or soul searching (or very grammatically correct) entries, but I hope you like 'em anyway!

Well week one of the our "Neutral Hero" Fall Tour has come to an end. It's interesting getting back into the swing of things. It should feel like picking up where we left off but it somehow doesn't. There's almost a rebooting of things. And it has actually taken me about 4 days to realize that I'm on tour again and to feel comfortable in it. If you don't really know me, you won't know that I have some 'issues' with change (so it usually takes a few days in a new city to adjust). I know that it is imperative to have change, in fact it is probably the best thing for us, but I like comfort and change doesn't usually have a lot of that (until the change becomes part of us)!

Another reason I think I felt a bit out of sorts is because the group of people I usually spent the most time with last tour (we call ourselves 'The Supper Club', for obvious reasons) were staying in an apartment building about 10 minutes away. Their place was right on the river (not exactly right here but this a lovely pic of the river)...

One of my main goals for this tour was to be in the moment (which is really hard, both on stage and off) and I'm not sure I succeeded, as I felt like I was constantly looking forward to Paris while in Geneva, but each day is another day with many more moments to cherish.

All that said, it feels fantastic to be doing this show again with this groups of people. It is such a special piece, and I get more and more from it each time we perform it. I really hope we get to bring it to NY and share it with you, but right now this moment is in Paris...Oui, Oui! :)

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Ashley said...

Love the pics, hate that they separated you from your supper club!! Glad you are getting into the swing of things and enjoying the show.