Sunday, March 14, 2010

There's no business like show!!

Okay so I don’t know if this week’s blog will be that long or chock full of anything inspiring (well come to think it, is it ever? Lol), but its only because the time has come: Its show week!!! Yes, I’m excited and yes, I’m anxious. As I was just telling my friend Joe (before we went over lines over the phone) that I’m anxious. I’m trying to figure out why, because I truly believe that the play will go wonderfully (we’ve done the work), so what the hell am I anxious about? I think I’m anxious about being anxious before the show. I know me before a show (and if you been reading this blog, you know me too). So now I’m anxious about how I’m gonna feel before this show. Has my craziness really come to this??

I’ve been uneasy all day (with a strong need to throw up, no worries, I didn’t). I had a headache (I want to blame it on the weather, it may just be my body starting to freak out about Thursday). Who knows, but I’ve decided to try to relax. So I’m watching Godspell. I can just hear half the readers (all 5 five of you) saying, “What”? and the other half saying, “I love Godspell”! Godspell is probably my favorite musical and before my senior year in high school I did the show. And I had maybe the most fun doing a show ever. So I decided to watch it now. Maybe it will help me to remember how much fun performing can be. And if not, maybe Jesus will send me some good vibes of his own for the show, lol!

I just want to take this time to thank Joe Iozzi (the other actor in my play) and Corinne Lee (my director) for all their hard work and for taking a chance on me and this play. In January, I set out to write this and it just a few short days will be performing it in front of a paid audience. It’s amazing to me! So now this week, I am determined to have fun!! Crazy, I know.

If you guys want to get tickets to the festival, you can do so at: We are "The Rooftop Play".

And as I finish this blog, I have just gotten a hive!! I can’t even have a drink because this week I was stricken with a cold and now I’m on antibiotics!! Ahhhh, there’s no business like show business!! Hahahahahaha!! Until next week!



Kelley Lynn said...

I did Godspell too!!! What part did you play? I played Sonia and got to sing Turn Back O Man. SO MUCH FUN.

Roxy Strago said...

So I just saw this comment now but I played Sonia too!! One of my fav roles (if not fav) of all time. Soo much fun!!! :-)